Waterfall incense burner how to use

How to Use a Waterfall Incense Burner Blog Introduction: A waterfall incense burner is a type of incense holder that allows smoke to waft up through a pool of water, creating a visually striking effect. If you're looking for an unusual and dramatic way to enjoy your favorite incense, a waterfall incense burner may be just what you need.  Here's everything you need to know about using one of these unique incense holders. How Does It Work? A waterfall incense burner typically consists of three parts:  a bowl or reservoir for holding water, a grate or platform for holding the incense stick, and a cover that fits over the top of the entire unit.  To use the burner, simply fill the reservoir with water, light your incense stick, and place it on the grate.  Then, put the cover in place so that the fumes from the burning incense are directed upwards into the water.  As the smoke passes through the water, it will be cooled and humidified, resulting in a more pleasant scent. Why Use Wat